Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Can Mixed Modal Athletes Learn From Track & Field (Part 2): Programming Application

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  1. Love these articles. What would you say is a good test to see where each of the energy systems lay? I read the CP Battery article. However for the aerobic and alactate systems how would you say you can see where you are?

  2. Devon,
    Thanks for the feedback & kind words.
    In regards to your question I'm currently writing an article answering all the most common questions we get asked, yours included since a few others have asked similar ones.
    I'll have the article posted very soon so stay tuned for the answer.

    I'd usually post my response here in the comments, but I feel like theres a lot of back room talk that goes into my answer so i'd like to hatch it all out in the article (also so everyone can see).


  3. Thanks for this resource you ave created I have been looking for something like this for a while.
    On your strength days do you put different types of squat on one day (front and Back), and does that include assistance work around those movements? And when it comes to your conditioning, do you stay away from similar movements from the strength days to let them recover, or do you still throw squats, thrusters dead lifts, etc into conditioning.

    1. Forrest,
      To start the templates in this article are general ideas to show how you can progress/ periodize for the year. When actually programming for someone I asses their strengths and weaknesses and draw up a training split based on that.
      To answer your question though...
      Front or back squat can be put on a "squat" day. The deciding factor should be whether the athlete in question needs to prioritize their front or back squat. In regards to assistance work that is athlete dependent. If the athletes biggest priority is strength then I will add assistance work. However, if the athlete is strong for out sport and doesn't have any structural imbalances time/ volume may best be spent elsewhere.
      In regards to conditioning it depends on the goal. If I want a piece to be sustainable (aerobic) I'll avoid certain movements, but there are times when ill intentionally do the opposite (muscular endurance pieces, ATP-CP battery pieces etc). The takeaway here being that you have to know the intent behind what your programing and then program accordingly.

      If you have any other specific questions or follow up questions feel free to email me at and ill help you out/ elaborate.