Monday, August 5, 2013

Concurrent Training Optimization: Planning for the Unknown & Unknowable

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  1. Awesome info. Thank you. Awesome blog, for that matter.

  2. Thank you Victor! We appreciate the kind words.

    As a side note....
    If your interested were also currently running a "Q&A", so if theres anything you'd like addressed training or nutrition related email your question to us at with the subject line "FB Q&A"!

  3. Thanks Evan for such an authoritative post on the effects of resistance training and endurance training and how they can be optimally combined. I'm into running and cycling and I've been reading up on this for quite some time now. The problem is that you always get such divergent views on this matter. It is almost as if the pros cannot all agree to this. I'm thinking of going for a conditioning program at Mississauga, specific to my needs which also involves athlete agility training. But I'm still to make up my mind if I'm to involve strength training as a significant part of my training program.

    1. Al,
      Happy I could help. I think the reason you get such divergent views is because most coaches are biased towards what may have worked for them personally, or what worked for some of their more "talented" athletes.
      I think the biggest thing that needs to be accounted for is individual variation, since no one will respond to the training the same way. that being said, I think your best bet is to experiment with adding strength to your programming and seeing the results with and without it. Then go from there.
      Im simply giving guidelines as to the best practices so to speak when mixing the two, but understand that they need to be applied to the individual.