Monday, July 15, 2013

The Law of Attraction

There are many Laws of the Universe.

All of them I believe to be interrelated but this one in particular reigns supreme. All of the other laws in one way or another relate back to this.

Once one understands this law, the universe will seemingly get out of your way.  

When I first was let in on this law or secret it felt like the world was lifted off my shoulders.  I felt free and I truly felt enlightened and still do till this day.  I believe I will go to my grave feeling the same way.  It is that powerful.  

First, you need to understand that we all are guided by the exact same laws.  There are natural laws that are in effect all the time whether we realize it or not.  The most common of all is the law of cause and effect, you may know this in the form of the third law of motion, "For every action, there is an equal, and opposite re-action." -Sir Isaac Newton.  

Many people know of this law, many people are aware of its powers but few learn it and make it a part of them. The law I'm speaking of is the Law of Attraction.  

Everything that happens in your life, you are attracting to yourself.  What ever you are thinking manifests in your life. If you are thinking positive, more positive things will be attracted to you.  On the contrary, if you are thinking negative thoughts more negative things will be attracted to you.  It sounds so simple and that's because it is.  We often think that the answers we are looking for have to be complex when usually we already know the answer.

The fact is we are all energy. Energy is all around us.  Energy is everything.

You can have a negative charge, a positive charge, or a neutral charge. Negative attracts more negative, positive more positive, and neutral is what I call quicksand.  This is someone with no purpose or direction.  They don't really do anything positive or negative they are sort of stagnant.  We have all been each of these things at one time or another and we will cycle in and out to them at some point. You want to spend more time in a positive state than the other two. Life is full of cycles. Be aware of your current state. 

My favorite quote about the law of attraction is "Thoughts become things."  What you think about will manifest in your life. The more you think about something the more energy you are putting into that thing, in turn the greater the chance of it coming true. 

 For example, when you focus on how bad traffic is, traffic seemingly becomes worse.  When you're focusing on the light not turning red you are putting more energy into that light turning red and not focusing on it staying green. You are doubtfully able to control traffic lights with your thoughts as they are controlled by timers, volume of traffic, and some are controlled by weighted sensors but if you are already in a negative mind state when that light turns red you become more agitated leading to other negative thoughts and actions.  Such as cutting the person off in front of you, not realizing there is a cop behind you, now you get pulled over, get a traffic ticket, and your day is ruined.  This may lead to even more negative thoughts and actions such as having a fight with your boss, spouse or friends.  Do you see the snowball effect that can occur?

Let's say you assume a positive mind state and that light turns red and you just say to yourself "well today I might be late to work but I'm going to get there safely instead of breaking laws and possibly causing harm to myself or others." You get to work late your boss gets a little upset but the day goes on and there is not a huge negative impact.  You've assumed a positive mind state and more positive things will be attracted to you or at the very least negative things will have less of an effect on you.

By realizing the law of attraction you can take control of your thoughts and actions and you become responsible for everything that happens to you. Putting you in control of how things effect you.  Instead of leaving it up to chance where we can place blame on others. Control over your life is empowering. Don't leave your life up to chance, take control. The Law of Attraction is in play at all times. 

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